5 Healthy Fast Foods That Fall Below 400 Calories

400CalFIx_chinese_italianSSFast foods are something that we cannot bring ourselves to totally abandon. The fast food culture has caught on immensely in the modern scenario and fast food chains now abound by the dozens in almost every metropolis or city across the world. People often get addicted to fast food and this causes rampant obesity and heart disease risks. While on the weight loss trail, we often miss our favorite fast foods and other snacks. However, losing weight and dieting need not be such a painful process. You can just as well follow a strict diet regime and indulge in some particular fast foods once in a while. Sounds impossible? Here are some fast foods that all fall under 400 calories, making them good options for occasional consumption:

Parfait from McDonald’s, comprising of yoghurt and fruit

Parfait is a popular choice and you can indulge in it every once in a while owing to the extremely low calorie count. This only contains about 150 calories which makes it a healthy fast food option. Sugar will give you quite a few calories but it will be made up by the calcium, protein, vitamins and antioxidants garnered from the fruits, berries and yoghurt.

Skim Latte

Most of us are slaves to coffee and cream based beverages which make up an indispensable part of our daily fast food regime. When on a diet, you can try the Skim Latte sometimes. This will give you only 180 calories and you can even couple it with some almonds or even a banana for greater impact. The skim latte will be a good meal option containing protein and calcium. You can take your pick from either fully caffeinated or decaf and you can even go for the steamer or sugar free flavored syrup without coffee which is healthier. This is available at almost every coffee joint you will come across.

Kids Meal at Subway

If you are a Subway fan and patron, look no further than the Kids Meal sandwich which comes with fruits, yoghurt and your chosen beverage. You will be able to consume a full meal with everything served in limited portions. The turkey sandwich will give you 200 calories while the fresh vegetables and yoghurt will add only 100 calories to your system. Always go for mustard over mayonnaise dressings to keep your meal within 400 calories. Roast beef or vegetarian sandwiches are other good options as they make use of whole grain bread. You can combine this with baked chips for a wholesome and hearty meal.

Grilled chicken sandwich

Whether you frequent McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, Subway or even Wendy’s you should always go for grilled chicken sandwiches which will give you anything between 320 to 380 calories and will come with lettuce, onions and tomatoes, thereby standing out as a complete meal in its own right.


This is the dreaded favorite which most of us try to keep away from while on a diet. However, once in a while, you can choose a couple of slices of the Thin and Crisp veggie pizza from Pizza Hut. This will give you 360 calories, enabling you to pair it with a healthy salad minus the dressing. You can also go for one pizza slice comprising of chopped eggs, beans, low fat cheese and beets to consume 180 calories in all.